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The Dodgeball Code

When I play dodgeball, I make myself proud.



I will play by the rules and be honest at all times.



I will try my best in every game and let my passion show.



I will respect my opponents, and always demonstrate fair play.



If I’m not sure what happened, I will ask referees and others around me.



I will respect their decisions.



I know that playing with integrity makes dodgeball more enjoyable for all.



This drives the sport forwards.



The future of dodgeball is here.



Come join in.


 It is about fair play, respect and sportsmanship.

All dodgeball players have a duty to ensure they play by the rules and uphold themselves to the highest standards. Highly competitive play is encouraged but should never be displayed as cheating. If you respect your opponents, respect your officials and the decisions they make, then you respect the spirit of the dodgeball. This will increase the integrity of the sport and the joy of play for all.

Demonstrating the Dodgeball Code:
– Declaring you’ve been hit when you feel a ball lightly skim you.
– Asking the referee when you aren’t sure if a ball bounced before it hit you.
– Trusting an opponent to go out if the ball hits them.
– Letting the referee make a decision, and respecting it even if you do not agree.
– Treating your opponents with respect by introducing yourselves before a game.

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