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Fantastic for life skills, improve your knowledge, unleash the potential.

Primary School Championships provides a fun and fantastic environment for children of all ages and abilities to learn and play various unique and traditional sports. We provide the opportunity for every child to train, play in a team and enter non-competitive festivals, competitive competitions, regional championships and potentially qualifying for National Events.

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Level 1 | Intra-School

An intra-school Competition is a Sporting Activity taking place between pupils who attend the same school. For example ;

house vs house | class vs class.

Level 2 | Local Inter-School

A local inter-school competition is a sporting activity taking place between schools from the same area. these may act as qualifiers for county finals or can be run as developmental competitions or festival events to meet the need of a local area.

Level 3 | County Finals

A County Final is a showcase event held either as the group of a series of local inter-school competitions or as open entry events.

Level 4 | National Finals

The best of the best! We all need to work in collaboration and trying our best to get teams in Norfolk to represent us at the National Finals -  Showcase Event usually held by the Sport Governing Body.

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"To inspire generations and communities to experience the benefits of playing sports"

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High-Quality Physical Education

School Provision from our partners ICS Coaching.

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