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What is your overall passion and how does that improve you and your business? My overall passion is to bring high class training to the masses. Strength and Conditioning has long been protected by practitioners solely for athletes, but everyone deserves a well designed programme. I think we also get too caught up in the word "athlete" meaning pro's, when actually there are many athletes out there. There are guys who I train who compete at high class regional, national and international events yet hold down a day job or attend school.

When did FG Personal Training start up as a business? I founded FG in 2015, after being made redundant from my martial arts coaching job. I then opened up my first private studio in Wendling in 2017. Where are you based? I am now based in Gressenhall. After outgrowing my Wendling base, I set up my performance gym in December 2019. As a business do you just focus on strength and conditioning training or are there other areas you include within fitness? Do you offer injury prevention or injury rehab? Well for me, these things aren't seperate. A good S&C programme must have injury prevention built in. For me, I often prioritise creating robust athletes over performance. If you can keep your athlete playing for longer, their performance will naturally improve. I'm not interested in short- term gaines if it leads to my athlete sitting out 6 months of a season through injury.

Have you always been interested in helping people with their fitness goals? How do you keep motivating your clients to have a positive mindset for them to reach their personal fitness goals? What motivates yourself to be the best you can be? Yes, so I started at 14 coaching martial arts for £2.50 on how on a Sunday morning. It clearly wasn't about the money, I just wanted to share my knowledge and experiences I gained up until that point. From that point, I was hooked on coaching! I keep my clients motivated by reminding them constantly of their original goals (many of which have long passed that) and how far they have come - and that if they have reached the orginal goals, then why cant they reach the new ones? And it is that which motivates me. I'm asking my clients to be the best they can be, then I have a responsibility to do the same. Over lockdown how did you manage your business? Did you do any zoom personal training sessions? Yes lots of Zoom sessions! It's been great! I have also started a new podcast, which can be found by searching "FG Personal Training" on whichever platform you get your podcasts from.

What do you do to go that extra mile? Myself - I'm always seeking opportunities to learn I develop my coaching and knowledge. With our clients, we have our own FG web app where they can track all of their progress, we can upload diet and training plans, they can contact us 24/7 for support and this helps us to ensure our clients are on track and happy. What is your goal for 2021?

My goal is to continue to grow our brand, Team FG, as well as to keep cementing our position as the gym that is elite but not elitist. In a nutshell, offering elite level S&C but to all ages and abilities.

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