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"Seeing progression in how they feel, perform, eat or even just move, depending on their individual goal, inspires me to keep teaching and working with them." Ryan Sampson

What is your business? I run your typical Personal Training business, however I try to put an emphasis on a holistic, science based approach of training and programming for all my clients. What gives you passion for what you do? I love seeing clients (and gym members who I interact with) get better every day, week, month etc. Seeing progression in how they feel, perform, eat or even just move, depending on their individual goal, inspires me to keep teaching and working with them. How long have you been in the fitness industry for? I have been a fitness instructor for almost 3 years and a PT for 2 and a half years now. A relatively small time in the industry compared to some other local PTs. However, prior to making this my professional career, I worked many years coaching multiple sports and as a sports tutor for SEN schools, so I like to think I've been influencing people health and fitness wise for longer than 3 years. What age groups do you work with? I work with all age groups currently ranging from 18-70 (my oldest client I've ever worked with was 80). However, most of my clientele is between the 25-40 range. What are periodised programmes? A periodised programme is basically a long term training programme designed to break down your training into progressive multiple cycles. If you imagine a long term goal (e.g. compete in a marathon) as the programmes aim, this is the overarching Macrocycle. This is generally around a year in length. This breaks down into smaller phases (usually between 3-4) called mesocycles (e.g. preparatory phase which is general or it could be an endurance phase which is more specific, depending on goal). Furthermore there are micro cycles which could be as small as one week - one session of training. What motivates you for success? Being able to do what I love for a living is motivation in itself. Also for me, I link my happiness towards success and nothing makes me happier than working with clients, members, friends, and seeing them make improvements. If those I work with succeed with their goals, then I see that as a success and this keeps me motivated to continue. Do you work with your clients online or face to face? Most of my clients I work with face to face at Wensum Sports Centre's Gym in Norwich or Swiftfitness Gym in Earsham (when were not in lockdown measures), however during the pandemic a lot of them have moved onto zoom workouts with myself. I have started working in a remote way with a couple of local athletes, scheduling certain sessions and periodising their training, but try to have some face to face contact also to get the best out of them. What are your aims/goals for this year within your business? I would love to continue working with more people in this coming year especially more local athletes as working with sportsmen and women is a passion of mine. I also plan on releasing my first full online training course and take through at least 2 cohorts, providing gyms open before the summer. What are your personal fitness short time goals? To just continue learning and improving my strength, mobility and cardiovascular endurance. I have a few PBs that I was closing in on before the third lockdown hit in December so hopefully once gyms reopen I can hit the ground running again.

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