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'2021 hasn’t got a lot better for many people so I wanted to do something that could make a difference. Parkinson’s UK were amazing in their support of my grandpa who passed away last March'

What is your story behind the passion and drive to get the idea of walking along the Norfolk coastal path for your chosen charities?

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge, I completed the Brighton Marathon in 2015, done the Three Peaks in 24 hours in 2019 and have completed other various fundraising events for a multitude of charities. I had the idea last summer but by the time I thought about it we were in August and the days were getting shorter. As football has been put on hold for now I’ve lost the thing that I was always excited to do, whether that be coaching, managing or playing.

2021 hasn’t got a lot better for many people so I wanted to do something that could make a difference. Parkinson’s UK were amazing in their support of my grandpa who passed away last March.

He had Parkinson’s for the last few years of his life and it gradually got worse. I know as a family we really appreciate what they done. I saw first hand what the money did for the charity, so if I can help raise more money so that someone else’s relative can have the same great support my grandpa did then that would be great.

Max’s Foundation was chosen by Harry Younge, a student I teach at Kings Lynn Academy. I approached them a mont or so ago and asked if they would be okay with me raising money for a charity of their choice. That’s how Max’s Foundation came about. Harry had suffered with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy but last year was able to have a heart transplant which has been successful. After speaking to Harry’s mum Nina, they decided that Max’s Foundation was the charity that they would like support. Max’s Foundation provided support for Harry and his family throughout Harry’s condition and the foundation are still close to Harry’s family now.

What are the charities you will be raising money and awareness for? Could you tell us a little information about each charity?

I’ll be raising money for Parkinson’s UK and Max’s Foundation. Parkinson’s UK support people who suffer with Parkinson’s as well as their family members. They hold support meetings, campaign for awareness as well as influence and fund research into the disease. Max’s Foundation are a charity that help and support people with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. They help raise funds for research into the condition, buy equipment for Great Ormond Street Hospital, offer support to young bereaved siblings as well as offer support to people who have been affected by cardiomyopathy.

Do you do a lot of walking yourself in your spare time?

Since the first lockdown me and my other half started to walk around 5 times a week. It’s just good to get out in the fresh air.

What is your target/goal for the money you manage to raise for your charities?

I’d love to raise £500, that means each charity would get £250. Obviously I would love to raise as much as possible, as I know the money will be used to great affect.

How have you prepared for this challenge? / What motivates you to complete this challenge?

Preparation will begin in March time once the weather is a bit better and the days are a bit longer. It will start with 6/7 hour walks and gradually build up over time. I’ve got two motivations, the first is the thought of helping as many people as possible with the money that is raised. The second motivation is purely to complete the goal that I’ve set. I’ve always been very driven and have found that setting goals is the best way to stay motivated and focused.

Thank you Alex for your interview. An amazing inspiring story and we wish you all the best.

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